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Stuck in the thick of it - 2021

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- Student's name: Hoang Lan Chi
- Course Name: Design + Computing 2 - After Effects
- Program: Design Studies
- Sem 2 2021
- Year 1 student at RMIT Vietnam.

Since this assignment was for Design Computing 2, a software-heavy course, there was less emphasis on the topic and more on the technical requirements. Therefore, Chi tackled the topic of the harmful effects of social media on young children that Chi had always been passionate about.

The children were exposed to non-curated content on the Internet, many of which often utilized bright, colourful visual styles to perpetuate toxic ideas, advertise harmful products or promote dangerous behaviour. Chi wanted to address this problem in an ironic and satirical way: to the tune of “Into the thick of it” by The Backyardigans - a bright and happy song popularised on Tiktok recently, and with common toys as the main characters.

In addition, the three characters she chose: the Barbie doll, the Lego man, the teddy bear, and the objects they were depicted with, were very loose representations of the forced heteronormativity seen in a lot of content marketing towards children.

Chi believed this contrast in music and visuals would not only highlight the disturbing nature of some children's content on the Internet, but also demonstrate how easy it was for questionable imagery to penetrate the audience's minds. All it needed was a lot of colours and a comical tune.

Project Brief: In this assignment, students were tasked with creating a Motion Graphics work, developed from a unique narrative and original storyline of the student's own choosing.

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