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. Franz Schubert’s Serenade was written in
1826. Its simplicity, lovely melody, grace,
and beauty are glorious. The circumstances
of its composition are unique.
One summer Sunday in 1826, Schubert
was with several friends. One of the friends,
Tieze, had a book, and Schubert leafed thru
it. Suddenly, he stopped, pointed to a poem,
and exclaimed, “such a delicious melody
has just come into my head! If I but had a
sheet of music paper with me.”
Another one of his friends, Herr Doppler,
drew a few music lines on the back of a
bill of fare, and in the midst of Sunday
hubbub in the garden of an inn called
“Zum Biersack” with folks running about,
Schubert wrote his Serenade.
The poem was originally in German:
Ständchen by Ludwig Rellstab~
Leise flehen meine Lieder
Durch die Nacht zu Dir;
In den stillen Hain hernieder,
Liebchen, komm' zu mir!...
The vocal in German is at:

Below is a five quatrain English
My songs beckon/plead softly
through the night to you;
below/down in the quiet/silent grove.
Come to me, beloved!

The rustle of slender leaf tips/tree tops
whispers in the moonlight.
Do not fear that the evil/hostile
betrayer will over hear us, my dear.

Do you hear the nightingales call?
Ah, they beckon to/implore you,
with their sweet plaintive songs
beckon to/implore to you for me.

They understand the heart’s yearning/
longing, knowing the pain of love.
With their silver tones they
calm/touch each/every tender heart

Let them also stir within your breast/
(Let your heart, too, be moved.)
Beloved, hear me!
Trembling, I wait for you.
Come, please me/make me happy!

Wow! Beauty in the night's stillness,
a lover’s longing captured in music!
And a sweet serenade was composed
amidst clinking glasses, the clatter
and chatter of a Sunday afternoon
at the inn in the city of Währing in
northwestern Vienna on the edge of
the Vienna Woods.
There are a host of orchestrated
and piano, soprano solo and chorus,
extended and abridged Serenades
on line.
The version for this little video is
by pianist Viacheslav Apostel-
Pankratowsky. It is copied from
A piano transcription by August
Horn (1825-1893) gives an insight
into why it is so moving. The sheet
music is at
Another A. Horn sheet music
version (this one with a split screen)
is at
So, here I am with paintings I started
last Sunday afternoon. They are like
children’s spirographs, a little like
Chinese calligraphy, and a little like
Generative or Pen Plotter geometrics.
And I have painted them over a week
of clatter and chatter, narratives and
nonsense in the outside world.

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