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Savila, Combo Chimbita, Y La Bamba @ LoFi Seattle

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This night was personal to me and worth sharing because of the love for music and the chosen bands playing in this set.

A month ago; on February 23rd; my partner had purchased tickets for us to attend a show by Y La Bamba along with Combo Chimbita and Savila. I attended alone, without my partner because they had unexpected travel plans.

Was I in for a night... I proceeded to catch public transit because I romanticized to commute with other people rather than a ride share. The battery on my phone was poor and died mid-ride on the bus. I got off 15 stops early and without enough time to track the next bus in route to Pacific Science Center, I mustered the courage to speed walk 25+ minutes. I was anxious I'd be missing the opening act and got lost trying to find the amphitheater; and went towards the IMAX. I circled back and inquired where exactly "Y La Bamba" was playing, I was cordially pointed to the right space! I walked up the steps towards what would be an unbelievable night of dancing and connecting with more hispanic folk in Seattle. I walked through the doors and overheard Argentinian and Colombia dialect, it felt like home. It felt like Miami, I felt close to my city. I settled into the gallery, some were lounged against a wall, others laid across a floor waiting 45 minutes past show time. I was relaxing from my long walk and stretching my limbs to prepare them for a night of hip contractions. And OF COURSE, the usher exclaimed the show was cancelled and to his behest we had to clear the venue. I couldn't help but chuckle after my unprecedented odyssey and not having the chance to dance with Combo Chimbita. As I exited the venue, I was met by three people handing out flyers and telling us the show was being pushed to LoFi, Performance Gallery. This trio explained the show had been cancelled at The Pacific Science Center due to a "sound difficulty". I offered to help pass out flyers because I was destined to listen to Combo Chimbita & Y La Bamba play. They'd come so far to start their tour, I wanted to help in any way. I approached people inside the amphitheater, encouraging them we could all meet at LoFi and watch them play. I had one flyer left and decided to give it to someone weighing options about to driving to LoFi or not. I heard someone speaking in Colombian dialect and thought it was an opportune time to meet a Colombian homie and dance the night away; I approached this person. They were surprised and interrogated my knowing the show was to take place elsewhere and I told him about the three people pushing to move the show LoFi. "No se, yo quiero ver a combo tocar (I don't know, I want to see Combo play)," I said. To my amazement Niño Lento responded," Yo toco con la banda ( I play with the band!)!" He invited me over to where the bands were huddled in a circle, dumbfounded and disappointed this cancellation took place. I fangirled so hard, I got emotional to see Luz Elena & Carolina staring straight at me as I proclaimed I wanted to see them play. My reaction took me by surprise because the person I was supposed to be there with, wasn't; he was traveling in Colombia. It was a touching time to have the chance to profess my admiration for their art, their voice, and lyrics. In all adversity, music is the one thing that empowers and connects us. The show went on.

Which brings me to the part where I recorded their sets... I knew my phone was going to die at some point and I promised my lover I'd record Y La Bamba's set of the song I dedicated to him/us, so we can share it when he got back. I had gone to this show with my DSLR and recorded it and now I've edited to share with you all.

It seemed like the bands faced and were resisted with hate/racism.... that night is a testament of the love for music; from show-goers and musicians alike.


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& LoFi, Performance Gallery

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