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Satoru Kosaki (ft Haruka Tomatsu) - Monochrome ~ version d

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This song is so beautiful, there are no words with me to truly portray my feelings for it.

I want to give a big shoutout to taffy from discord who shared this track to me (a very long time back) and I liked it so much at that time that I decided to give a watch to this show, regardless of how unpopular average reviewed it was. The show was much much better than I expected, in fact it was one of the better shows than the rest that I had watched in some time.

Right in the first episode this track hits the watcher, and right at the start of this track, the singer's voice grabbed me. But at that time I did not know I was in such a big treat (it had been quite some time since I listened to this after taffy shared so I forgot most of it). As the track built up to the chorus, and the instruments came in the back, I just could not focus on the show, not at all. I just made a notepad mark at this timestamp and tried to focus on the episode. As the song progressed, I knew that what I found was not something good, it was a diamond.
I was so mesmerized, awestruck, shaken by this track, right when the episode ended, I searched for the the soundtrack and downloaded it (the cover image of the disc spoiled the show a little for me but worth it). Even though I had not finished the show, or even progressed much in the story, there was not a single day I did not listen to this track. It was basically an addiction to this track at that point.

I know last week I made a post saying how I had no tracks, but after that I started this show and well the show was so good, I ended up finishing it in a week. In fact, I finished this show yesterday itself and today being sunday, I decided to get this track out.

Anyway, enough talk about the show, I'll now talk about the track itself.

First of all, the vocals are out of this world. The singer extremely proficiently got out the sadness and hope that is there in this track. It was perfect if you ask me, the feeling and the heaviness that we get from the vocals. The lyrics on top of it are astonishing. They are very beautiful once you know the meaning of them, and they also nicely fit the show's theme greatly.
Those straight and long stretched vocals, for example at 1:05 when she says yuuki, are soo intense, my god. The best part is this song does not deviate from a set line of music, which I am very grateful for because I genuinely feel how this is is actually just perfect.
I totally feel a sort of heavy weight on my chest throughout the track. It is even more at the line "Kanashimi ni nureta tsubasa" at 0:54. The way vocals slightly go into a deeper tone and the background music also slightly lowers a little makes the overall atmosphere so heavy, it just impacts me a lot. Its extremely rare to find tracks as great as this that just hit me so hard making me almost breathless.
I have nothing but just praise.

But vocals are not the only thing, the background instrumentals are nothing less than a spectacle in this track. Its not just the vocals that carry this track, its an equal effect of both background instruments and vocals. The orchestral composition is just a beauty and absolutely portrays the sadness perfectly. The violins, drums, horns, trumpets the orchestral cymbals, everything are so magnificently put together throughout the song, any amount of praise is less for this.
The instrumental is perfectly stitched with different parts of the tracks. There is no incoherency between them. For example, at the 0:38 part, the instrumentals are slow, and then at 0:54, there is a small shift with addition of specific violin tunes, but it is extremely subtle and is perfectly matched with the change of vocals all the while keeping the same atmosphere, just enhancing it. Then the chorus instrumentals come at 1:11 with those great cymbals and horns added, and at 1:21 you can hear a great small trumpet section which went so well for that short time. The main chorus instrumentals at 1:28 involve everything and if I have to talk about one thing in that part, it would definitely be those violins (or cellos). Those small and fast notes are extremely good to hear.

I can go on and on about how well this track fit the show, but I have to draw the line somewhere so I'll stop here.

This video took a lot of time to put together because I could not find a good background, so had to search the show to find something good. Then for the effects, it was the ground effect that took the longest amount of time, with those type of circuit lines. The ground effect is hard to notice, but I still wanted to do it, kind of as a challenge. Its not that great to be honest, but I still learned something. The subtitling is done by me, and I took the liberty to modify the english subtitles a little to fit it more while keeping meaning same.
Anyway, thanks for watching, I hope you like this track as much as I did.

Our rating of this track : 10/10
Our rating of this show's Soundtrack : 7.5/10

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