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Salesforce_ITV 107_ROUGH_v1_110421

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• FONT – everything is Helvetica as of now, the ITV font wouldn’t sync.
• SUPERS – most have not been added.
• OVERALL – I’ll add more edits on the next pass, as well as broll and graphics. I’ll need a little extra help (and patience) this go-around, seeing as I’m still learning the brand and establishing my editorial process.

• A9 – Raja’s webcam filmed at 10 frames per second, causing his image to be a bit wonky (sorry, didn’t mean to get all technical on y’all).
• A9 – 1:27 –Insuretech Vegas Broll needed
• A9 – Insuretech Interview needs GFX (and possibly broll) throughout
• A9 – 2:36 –Raja line ‘all kinds of things you can catch…’ could go.
• A11 – 5-Star review could use some love
• A13 – Need Taylor’s social media handle (couldn’t find her on Twitter)
• A13 – Dreamforce section could use some b-roll and graphics (maybe music?)
• A13 – Need logo animation
• A13 – Fist bump could use a music cue
• A15 – Innovation Forecast – here’s the deal, I hit the wall. This section needs, well, everything.
• A18 – Missing The Point, er, The Meta Point
• Ending needs polishing, obviously…I’ll make it more interesting.

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