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S5 - Wub Wub Bass Duet and Subpatchers

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A moderately complex program assembled from several prototyped pre-provided pieces of code, which were put together answering to a specifically defined subpatcher structure (i.e. a framing development philosophy).

Several mechanisms were created and iterated, in order to provide a frequency signal, "chord" and "gains" messages which established the harmony and amplitude of the score being played respectively.

A Python script which made use of the music21 library was also developed to specifically convert .musicxml files into lists of values which were then stored into coll objects and routed to be interpreted by a score reading mechanism, which in turn then sent the interpreted data to two voice subpatchers, which subsequently fed the composition into oscillators.

The code developed on the study of scales made on the “S4 - Crossfade Between Two Scales and Apply Controlled Randomness to a Melody”, was recycled and used to color the composition to Heinz Bohlen’s 833 cents scale, which makes use of the golden ratio. A first attempt at the implementation of the golden ratio was made on “S3 - Program Your Own Behaviour”, such an attempt achieved here a much cohesive result, as can be heard from the tonality in this duet piece.

Other important components, in this program, were the exploration of the different filtering objects present in Max/MSP (e.g. biquad~, overdrive~, onepole~, reson~, comb~, etc.) and the implementation of a visual element which took to explore Jitter’s Vizzie modules.

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