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Rub Your Belly [Picture Video]

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Track 6 from the album, Empire - by Chris Bambling / Ben Swithen.

“In May 2010, Mr Chris Bambling approached me with a strange work of archaeology. He proposed that we reconstruct ‘Empire,’ the lost Tom Hollingworth LP of 2007, which Tom had long ago abandoned, owing to a mismatch between his sweet temperament and the rage-filled record he aimed to build.

At the time of writing, Tom has not produced a new studio album in almost four years, but had left behind copious notes covering the intervening time, which suggested that his Empire had reached an advanced state. It was our hope to reproduce the album so closely to his stated intent - in the sort of act usually wrought posthumously - that Tom himself would forget that he was not its composer.

Inevitably we drifted, navigating the course of characteristically Bambling / Swithen songs by the light of Tom’s notes and titles, rather than attempting a slavish impersonation, or second-guessing what Tom’s ‘new sound’ might have been, three years ago. What we had imagined as a thirty-five minute novelty for his birthday slowly became a gross body of songs, as we continuously found more leads and inspirations in the scans of his notebooks.

This is not the album Tom might have made, back when he was trading as woodforthetrees. Even the one song he completed for the project, ‘London Approved,’ manages to sound quite unlike our fairly straight cover of it. However, he is an album which would surely never have existed without Mr Running Chelsea’s cues and starting blocks for each song and story. Enjoy!”

- Ben Swithen, Summer 2010.

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