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Roller: 20_Celli (Spectra) Video: M Meier

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20 Celli was produced in my home studio in Stuttgart between 24-28 May 2020 at the request of two friends (a Lufthansa pilot with a passion for video and a musician) who were looking for music improvised for the 10-hour video Covid-19 follows Amber 575 –documenting (with real time video of the flight seen from the cockpit) a Lufthansa flight in March 2020 from Peking to Frankfurt. I was assigned a 16-minute slot in the film (starting at the seventh hour). This video-on-demand is available on Vimeo:

20 Celli uses only the first 20 harmonic overtones the low C-string on the cello (about 70 Hz), presented in LAYERS using up to 20 tracks. It is has a slow and steady development towards complexity/density which returns to simplicity at the end. It is an attempt to make music in which there is a sense of waiting, very slow progression, perhaps with a sense that “nothing is happening” while at other times, passes through some very intense and maximist states.

The video interpretation by Michi Meier was developed in June 2020 and is released here for the first time and as part of the fifth edition of LAYERS by Open_Music Stuttgart. It vibrates with fine sensibility to the harmonic developments and portrays the spectral nature of the sound beautifully. Thank you, Michi! Weitermachen!

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