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Rock springs eternal in Rosedale

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My first accounting gig was at a consignment furniture store named …Of Things Past under the tutelage of a hilariously boisterous and hard-working Estonian, the only one of the original trio of women who started the business who was kept on by the private equity firm that had purchased it not long before I was hired and to whom I owe my introduction to the noble art of keeping books. The man put in charge of the business by said firm probably aspired to the lifetime lampooned by today's inspiring critical morsel, judging by the near identical haircut he sported to yours and the ugly sportscar he parked out back next to the dumpsters where someone had built little shelters out of wooden pallets fur the family of stray cats who hung around the building on Bridgeland Ave. near the 401. He was pretty bad at his job and I don't think he enjoyed being emasculated any time one of his terrible decisions was contested by someone with actual experience selling used furniture. I can't say for certain if the now shuttered satellite location opened on Yonge St. just north of Rosedale station during my tenure was one of his ideas or not, but at least I got to bring out a Moog synth - alas, sold last fall to keep St. Pat's pockets lined -, a bass and some pedals and spend a day improvising to earn my bread once upon a time when they held an event to inaugurate the ill-fated venture.

Now I'm aware that among yer exes can be found fellas who could sing or play me under the table, but like the douchebag who no longer manages the furniture store, I have a feeling the humility to get such a kick out of singing a song that's like to bring in a paycheque fatter 'n any o' them fellas are wont to see in their lifetime might be in short supply. Though I bet you wish you could hit that low note ;P

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