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Hey guys, my name is Robert Berry, and I'm here to talk to you about GROWTH Academy. So first, I want to tell you some of the primary struggles I had with branding myself and building my business. So the first issue I had was knowing what kind of content to post that would resonate with people. Right.

The second problem I had was consistency, forming those habits that would lead to consistent content. And then the third problem I had was, who do you talk to when you have questions. So knowing who to talk to, and having a group of people to just bounce ideas off of. So let me tell you how it started...

IN January of 2020, my business became a full time thing for me. Now, we know what happened in March of 2020, the pandemic hit. So imagine being a speaker and a presenter and a coach, and a trainer, where you used to have in person interactions. And now you're trying to build your business in the middle of a pandemic.

So I ended up finding a lot of programs that promised a lot of different things. Some of them promised to help you grow your audience by 500,000 followers in five days, okay, I'm over exaggerating that song. But they promised to help you make your first million, but yet they knew nothing about your business.

These things seemed very gimmicky. I began learning about email, list and sales funnels. And then I got caught in a sales funnel. I ended up speaking with several people, one of which told me that she could help me make a lot of money. If I paid her a lot of money. And see this didn't feel right. And it didn't seem right. There were a lot of empty promises that weren't very tangible.

And then, in November of 2020, I found Growth Academy. There was some kind of post on LinkedIn that I saw, and honestly, before that, I had no idea who Shanee Moret was. Then I started researching and saw how many followers she had and saw what she had done.

Now, the initial posting ourselves for Growth Academy, I was skeptical of it, because it was maybe two or 300 bucks for an entire year. So you go from somebody asking you, to sell you their first sale you, your firstborn child, to someone who's now asking you to give what seems like pennies to help you grow your audience.

So I was stuck, not knowing which way to go, I signed up for Growth Academy in November of 2020. I didn't do anything with it. December of 2020, I didn't do anything with it. January, I figured it's a good time to start doing something, you know, I'd only paid a couple 100 bucks for it. And if I learned something great. And if I didn't, not a huge loss.

I remember my first meeting, there was some really good techniques offered and I began employing those techniques within the first three weeks. So the third week of January, I got my first client for 2021 without having to sell or without having to do a pitch without having to do much of anything except post good content.

And I was learning what good content was in Growth Academy within the second, four weeks, so around February, I started getting more clients and I started getting better traction.

So that knowing what kind of content to post that problem was solved within the first three weeks. Forming consistent habits. That became something that was easy because not only did we have Shanee talking to us about forming consistent habits, we were in a community of people who were pushing us. If you went a day without saying something or doing something on the LinkedIn platform, somebody from the group would reach out to you.

I went about 60 days of posting every single day. So now the habit is ingrained. And now I just love it. But then after that Shanee she did offer programs that were upstate upsell programs, right? So I joined her mastermind, and in her mastermind. I met some people that forever changed my life. So the small group of us and we work together on a weekly basis, we still talk to one another on a regular basis.

But then the other thing was Shanee was there day to day to help with certain problems that you might encounter. So between January and April of 2021.

I launched a bootcamp.

I started a podcast.

I started a live weekly show on LinkedIn.

I got a few clients that I never thought I'd be able to get.

My book hit the top 50 in Amazon in the US and number one in France. I had people doing unsolicited reviews of my book, and of me as a trainer, all because of the tools and techniques that I learned in Growth Academy.

AND all because of the people that I've met in Growth Academy.

So here's what I'd say, if you're looking for something that's transformational. That's life changing, life altering, where you learn some techniques that can help you be better in your business, but also meet some people that help you become a better person, there's nothing out there like this community that Shanee Moret has created, that I'm happy to be a participant in.

I have an extended family.

It's a life altering experience.

I'll just leave it at that.

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