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(First Randomizer shows outcome of watching videos 2b.1 - 2b.8. I initially had names and types of cats for my array, but changed them to facts that I wanted to include. Second Randomizer includes the final product of my project on its website).

This project is to inform people about Filipinos in the 1900s in a more engaging way. It randomly generates a picture of Filipinos in the 1900s as well as a fact about the Filipinos. The visuals as well as the information serves as a quick, summarized “history book” to inform people how Filipinos lived in the 1900s; iIt is the “Forgotten History” that I believe people deserve to know about.

While it generates, an audio of Nat King Cole singing “Dahil Sa’yo” plays. The song is initially a love ballad that translates to “Because of You”. I chose Cole’s cover to play because of how he makes the song seem more entrancing. My choice of this song also represents how much I am thankful for my manongs and manangs for creating a beautiful community I am glad to call my hometown: Stockton, California.

Although it is a random generator, the facts that were inputted in the code are in chronological order. The numbers of the pictures are also in chronological order to match with the “number” of the fact that was listed.

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