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Hi. I'm Linda Ratcliff, bringing you a Habit for your Healthy Music Habitat.

I have a friend who teaches banjo lessons, and so I asked him if he were to do a video for us - what would he share? And he said he'd tell you to play the sunset.

He has banjo students who have lost the joy in their lessons because they're so overly concerned about what string they're going to pick, and what fret they're going to push against, and which finger they're going to use.

He sends them home to watch Mr. Holland's Opus, the section called "Play the Sunset." You can find that on YouTube, and I'll put a link in the description at the end.

And the gist of the video is that you eventually just set aside your music and play from your heart, and you'll find that joy in your music again.

Watch the video. You'll find it inspiring.

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