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place to be | Human Fields

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Place to be (30 min) | Human Fields

Choreography: Dor Mamalia & Dariusz Seweryn Nowak
Dancing: Jin Young Won, Dariusz Nowak, Dor Mamalia
Dancer co-creation: Jin Young Won
Rehearsal director: Alicja Róża, Dafna Dudovich
Music composition: Davidson Jaconello
Light design: Dany Fishof

The piece reflects through the movement the growing conviction of modern life that change is the only permanence with no final state in sight and none desired. ‘To be' means forever 'becoming'. Temporariness, vulnerability, inclination to constant movement, avoiding completion, and staying underdefined. Every new structure replaces the previous one and becomes another momentary settlement - acknowledged until further notice.

“Instead of uttering words, they seek to entrust a key to the viewer. (…) The three, who are capable of strong ability and presence, move in the flow and from dynamic to dynamic compositions that trickle into the next one (…). At one point, they looked like predator animals.
It is evident that the work has undergone intensive processes and is handled well not only at the movement level but also in the supporting mediums such as the original music by Davdison Jaconello. (…) There is something about this trio and it seems to be associated with transparent spider webs and radiating magic in its creative intelligence.”
—Ora Brafman for Dance Talks Israel

„(…) PLACE TO BE, the work of Dor Mamalia and Dariusz Nowak, is performed almost without touch between the dancers, but since then, it anchors the dance abstraction in a human situation, a combination that makes this delicate work poetic and beautiful. Mamalia and Nowak dance alongside dancer Jin Young Won and showcase virtuosity, a choreography that naturally combines cruising along the floor and stretching the limbs in space, performed with sensitivity and attention to both music and each other. The everyday situations and abstract dance phrases are woven together and often create surprising moments of magic. (…) Their work has a distinct clarity in relation to the other works in "Curtain Up", which is reflected in the cohesive dramaturgy that flows from the concrete to the abstract and back, from virtuosic dance moments to moments of human grace.”
—Ran Brown for Haaretz

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