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歲歲平安Piece Forever Trailer

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一個停電的年夜飯,家庭成員以缺席的父親為話題展開,間接帶出日常家庭關係裡的隱憂。 歲,音諧「碎」,歲歲平安為春節期間打物品時所說的吉祥話。這是個不允許出差錯,百般吉祥的日子。微小的裂痕被贈與表層的祥瑞話語粉飾如常,這之間亦夾帶著期許,期許拾起這意外瞥見的破碎後家和萬事興。


It was New Year’s Eve with a power outage. The family members started the discussion about the absence of the father. It implicitly brought out potential problems in the family relationships.
”Broken into pieces” sounds the same as ”peace forever” in Mandarin, and the phrase ”peace forever” is what we say during Spring Festival to wish somebody, who has accidentally broken something, peace forever.
It should have been such a peaceful day, without any mistakes and quarrels. The small cracks were whitewashed with these good words and wishes. Among them are some wishes, which hoped the family might be reunified again after being broken into pieces.

Director: Yi-Ting Chen
Music/Sound: SDGD Yang
Supervisor: Wei-Cheng Yu

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