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Perspective | Shortfilm | Shukdeb Barman | Bishal Saha | S

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Presenting you the first film of MicroFlixZ Production!!
This pandemic has taken away many lives, destroyed many families and ruined many poor people. Let`s get back to the second phase of lockdown and try to experience the pain and poverty of those poor people from the perspective of an 18 year old boy who has eyes full of dreams !
Same world ! Same Situation ! but look at it from a different
Hope you like our film
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Ravi : Shukdeb Barman
Kundan : Bishal Saha
Hari : Debargha Dey
Kundan`s Mother : Suparna Roy Banerjee
Teacher : Rajarshi Chakraborty
Kundan`s gaming friend : Srijan Datta
Direction, Cinematography, Screenplay, Editing : Srijan Datta.
Music, lyrics, vocals & Background Score: Rajarshi Chakraborty.
Acoustic Guitarist : Himadri Sharma.
Photography, Graphic Design & Marketing : Debargha Dey.
Story, Script & Dialogue : Shukdeb Barman.
Narration : Sneha Neogi.
Sound Producer : Rajarshi Chakraborty
Produced by Shukdeb Barman & Srijan Datta.
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This film is merely intended for entertainment purpose and it does not attempt to hurt anyone`s feelings.We love and respect India and it`s government, by any means this film is not intended to disrespect their decisions regarding the Covid-19 lockdown protocols

All characters,names,events shown in this film are fictional.
Any resemblance or similarity to any actual events,entities or persons,weather living or dead is purely coincidental.

MicroFlixZ states that the content which have been uploaded is under copyright protection (c) and can`t be copied,reproduced or used without the permission of respective owners. In case if the protection is tampered without permissions from the owners,legal actions might be taken against the individual/company.
A MicroFlixZ Production.
(c) Copyright 2021, All Rights are Reserved !
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