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Particle Dance

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Controlling your art is something I like, to avoid problems, headaches and sleepless nights to find a solution.

Trying to loop a point can be tricky, except when you simulate them in a certain way.

I like the movement on this one, the form that it takes and the way in which I have loop it.

I watch a lot of movies opening. They always look cool. They have a lot of motion design everywhere.

As you already noticed, I kept the same color family and a force that make particle looks cool. Keeping the same color can save you time. You do not have to think about color, just art. Being consistent can give a style, but I will change it when I have more time to play with color.

Stay true to yourself, your art, your friend, your family and in what you believe. I realized that changing everything is a solution when you want to explore other possibilities. Get out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Taking risks is fun, because by the mistakes you can evolve.

It's not like sugar cane loop who was generate behind the camera. Now the dots appear in front of you and move right after they are born. I love the chaos created.

The original idea was to make the particle visible through the light and then return to a dark screen. Easy to make a loop this way. I gave up because it was not fun and did not fit the other ideas.

Do you remember when I talked about conflict between ideas and feelings? Only one idea can be cool but with another it can destroy everything. It's like tasting food, you can cook each element separately, but in the end, if you group them together and they do not fit together, you can mess up the whole plate. Like a DJ choosing the right song at the right time to allow the crowd to dance without losing energy that is what I’m looking for.

What is your favorite dish?

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