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The film is about the freedom you get when you step onto the club dance floor surrounded by the people you create with, the energy that comes with that and how that impacts the work we make. Simon, who is the protagonist of the piece and a movement director and choreographer living in London talks us through how the queer clubbing scene in London has dramatically influenced his work and personal creativity.

It explores the link between the scene, persona, creative outlets and how all of that feeds off each other when people enter an environment as vibrant as that. It's constantly influencing music, fashion, art and creativity for all who are around it and even for those who aren’t. The name comes from the lists on venues and nights which haven’t set an end point, we wanted to capture the freedom that comes with the open ended nature of this and put that onto film.

Starring - Simon Donnellon

Director - Robbie Kilgour
DOP - Joe Harvey
Movement - Simon Donnellon
Styling - Abigail Hazard
Makeup - Amy Atkins
Post Production - Envy Advertising
Colourist - Jax Harney
Photographer - Tristan Bejawn
Designer - Kate Whitley
Music - ‘Bronze - Kiwi & DJ Rocca’
Location - MOTH Club

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