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One moment can change everything. This is your moment.

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SILLY mock up of what the main moments video could feel/sound/look like. Before you watch it, a few things I want you to note:

I made this in like, an hour. In windows movie maker. I can’t control the type, the spacing, etc. Do not judge or worry about critiquing any of the finer details. Consider this like a scribble/doodle/scamp.

The script is utterly unpolished. This is really me messing around and trying to see things like how the pacing of it could work, and how it comes across when paired with visuals. (It also helps me communicate what the script is referring to). It obviously needs to be cut down and refined. This is not final wording, just a vibe check and trying to capture the sustainability vibe. I'm awaiting Simon feedback, so I can't even give you a final script for us to collaborate on yet.

The song is 'Demanding Excellence' by Labrinth, and part of the Euphoria (Netflix) score. It will cost money if we want to use it, but I do have contacts and I think the title is a funny play on us being the benchmark of creativity.

The point of the video is trying to to communicate the strange bite point most of the industry are in right now. For the whole world, there is a mix of feeling stuck and suffocated, a sense of frustration, a concern for the environment, and a drive to burn down old systems. We're free, in the sense that we're not in lockdown – but we're not free, because the world still feels turned upside-down. The world might be 'open', but we certainly can't continue living the way we were. People are angry, but inspired, and trying to figure out what to do with that pent up passion, aggression, and bid for humanity. The tagline 'One moment can change everything. This is your moment' is designed to drive them to take action, inspire them, and convince creative people to elevate their ideas by submitting them to the festival.

We want the creative to feel like we're behind them, and we can see the situation they're in – but there's a way out – and winning a Lion is like the spark that ignites a fire for them to achieve actual power, so they can exact their wider ideas and create actual change.

In order to touch on sustainability I've also brought in clips that deal with all of the elements. There are many "filler clips" – but there are a few scenes I'd really like to keep, if it's possible. The one of the world turning on its side – and the very end scene with the eye contact between the younger and older men, in particular. There is no clip featured in this video from a UK or USA agency. All of them are also from campaigns that support forward thinking. I have the full list, obviously.

At the very end, I’ve got Zara and the Awards team looking for a fact or an insight we can use to cement the message. Something like “75% of work that wins a Lion goes on to change laws, society or culture in a meaningful way.” One singular truth that makes winning a Lion mean more than just kudos – but an agent of change.

This is not a dictation – just ideas, and me trying to get out what I have in my head for you to see.

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