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One Minute Wwise | Find objects with WAQL

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Play, download and edit the free video One Minute Wwise | Find objects with WAQL.

How to find objects in Wwise using WAQL (Wwise Authoring Query Language). Demo shows how to find Event Cues assigned to Events of specific name. No commercials, no lengthy introductions - get 'Wwiser' in about a minute.

More WAQL examples:
$ where pluginname : "compressor"
... finds objects where you used a plugin with the name compressor
$ where = "Music Bus"
... finds objects assigned to the Music Bus
$ from type action where probability != 100
... finds all Event Actions with some probability

To quickly find objects in your Wwise project based on properties, you can use WAQL. To do so...
1. Go to search or the list view.
2. Specify that you're using WAQL ($)
3. And type in what you're looking for.
Let's try it out. Say we've been using Events in our music composition, but now we'd like all of them to point to another Event. For this we could go through the references one by one, selecting the new Event in each of the Event Cues, but let's do it smarter and use WAQL.
In search, or the list view, type in a dollar sign ($) for WAQL. Then specify that you're looking for an Event Cue and type in that it's from the type MusicEventCue. Next, let's filter the list to only those assigned to a music cymbal. To filter, start with the keyword where and then where the Event's name is... and then the name of the Events Music_Cymbal. That's almost it, but one of them is missing an underscore. So let's search for any combination in between Music and Cymbal using an asterisk. We've now found all of them, so let's use the Multi Editor and select a new Event. That's it!

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