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In the lyrics "breaking my heart won't break me, breaking my heart it can't control me" (a broken heart won't break me, a broken heart can't control me)-it shows that no matter how difficult we are in a situation, our The circumstances are only external. As long as we are still breathing, we will eventually overcome the hardship and become a stronger person and get a "new life".

Singer─曾詠熙 Teresa
Music Producer─Terrence Ma(T-Ma)
3D Producer─YAGA_animation
3D artist ─ 張雅惠Ya Hui Chang、游家廳Chia Ting Yu
Storyboard─ 林曉曼 Aastalim
Modeling ─ 游家廳 Chia Ting Yu、張雅惠Ya Hui Chang
Animation ─ 張雅惠Ya Hui Chang、游家廳Chia Ting Yu
Compositing ─ 張雅惠Ya Hui Chang

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