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Most AMAZING Discoveries!

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Check out the most amazing discoveries! From old weapons and aircraft to incredible treasures, this top 10 list of mysterious finds will amaze you!

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10. The Amber Room
The Amber Room was, until recently, the most significant lost treasure. It was originally given to Peter the Great in 1716 by the King of Prussia, but was later moved by Catherine the Great away from the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to a summer residence outside of the city in 1770. By all accounts the room was absolutely stunning. It was entirely built from amber, gold, and precious stones, and when it was illuminated by its 565 candles, it was said to glow a fiery gold.
When German troops invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, they dismantled the room and sent it back to Germany, but in transit it vanished without trace, and remained lost for more than 70 years. Many thought it was destroyed in subsequent battles, but in 2017 a group of investigators claimed that they have found it- although they were unable to retrieve it yet. They had been imaging a cave used by the that’s in the hills near Dresden, and they discovered evidence of the room, along with other treasures and stolen works of art. Beneath the cave system, they discovered a network of tunnels, and trees in the local area show signs of damage from where steel cables had been used to lift heavy objects into place. They plan on recovering the treasures that are hidden inside before looters do- the only thing stopping them is the complex network of explosive boo traps that are all over the tunnels.

9. ME 109 Messerschmitt Plane
14-year-old Danish student, Daniel Rom Kristiansen, grew up with tales from his grandfather, but there were so many that he had always taken them with a pinch of salt. Daniel had a school project so he and his father went out to search their farm for artifacts. It turns out that one of his grandfather’s stories was completely true.
His grandfather had told him of the time a German plane had crashed in one of the fields in 1944. There was absolutely no evidence of this in 2017, but Daniel’s father got out his old metal detector and they got to work. To the surprise of them both, they found what they were looking for! With the help of an excavator they borrowed from a neighbour, they dug down to 20 feet where they found the remains of the plane- along with its pilot. Even though the Messerschmitt ME 109 was broken into thousands of pieces, they found the engine intact, a wallet full of money and, of course, live ammunition. Once disposal experts had ensured it was safe, the remains were sent to the local museum, and Daniel’s school project turned out far better than he had hoped.

8. Weather Station Kurt
The Second World War was fought on many fronts, but one of the most crucial things that each side needed for their efforts was information- in particular, meteorological data that could be used to chart movements across the Atlantic ocean.
The Allies, of course, had this covered with a network of monitoring stations across North America, Greenland and Iceland. The on the other hand, were way behind in this respect, and their method of using ships and submarines to provide the information was proving a risky strategy. Instead, they decided to install a number of automatic monitoring stations in strategic locations. They would use a submarine to covertly reach an area, install the equipment, and leave without anyone being the wiser.
26 of these outposts were manufactured by Siemens, and they were placed in Arctic and Sub-arctic regions. The final 2 were destined for North America. One of these was destroyed in transit, but the other was successfully installed and, until 1981 lay undiscovered. Known as weather station Kurt, it was installed in Martin Bay, Canada, and was even littered with packets of American cigarettes so people wouldn’t be suspicious if it was found. The most distant outpost was, ultimately, found by a geomorphologist, who notified authorities. I didn’t even know geomorphology was a thing, did you??
The weather station was moved, and to this day can be seen at the CanadianMuseum in Ottawa.

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