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MINI LF x Leica Thalia Test (1/2)

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This is the free video MINI LF x Leica Thalia Test (1/2) that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video MINI LF x Leica Thalia Test (1/2).

This video is 1 of 2 tests that I will upload. This one is more of a mood test for the Mini LF, I wanted to get a feel for the camera and Large Format Glass. So far so good!! Loving the Thalia's. Favourite focal lengths so far are the 30mm and the 45mm (45mm especially on open gate). They're quite beautiful wide open, still retaining sharpness but still providing character with a gradated roll off. The next video will cover some differing focal lengths, skin tones, underexposure and in particular pushing the ISO. I found that 800ASA gave a super clean image, barely any noise (read: grain). The grain structure is there if you're nitpicking but barely noticeable. I found that 1280ASA underexposed 1 stop was the perfect balance of naturally occurring grain structure that is non-intrusive and pleasing to the eye! 3200ASA? While I rolled on it, I still need more time to formulate an analysis let alone an opinion.

Either way these tests were to serve 3 purposes: To get a feel for Large Format and the glass surrounding it, Testing and Pushing the LF (admittedly I didn't do much pushing) and after the dust has settled pry into the purported benefits of the format and how the lay audience sees it. Recently I found my self indifferent (much less loathing) to all this new tech. The production may be able to afford the means, but what does it amount to if it ends up being consumed on a mobile phone? I know you're thinking right tool for the right job, and I'm well aware but it almost seems that filmmakers are focusing on making their work best for them rather than the audience (as they should?). Again the point of consumption matters much, I seek to have this footage projected and see if the larger perspective warrants the hassle. I'm 90% sure my opinion will change once I project it. That's the goal right? Make films that will make their way to a theatrical release? I should hope so, or all this tech is for nought. As I'm sure John Doe's nondescript stock android phone with its 720p screen will do justice to the ever so glorious skin tones the LF produces (Nothing wrong with android phones by the way*). Its a very deep topic and I'm sure I wont be able to discuss all the complexities in a description box. But at least I've made a start.

Forget all the technicalites and jargon, and enjoy this mood piece. Technicalities never made for a good story. Each clip focuses on a Short, improvised and personal monolouge.

Music used:

Theme - Score by Jon Brion (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
My Foolish Heart By Bill Evans.

Test info:

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini LF
Lens: Leica Thalia
Focal Lengths: 30mm & 45mm
WB: 3200K
Shutter: 180d // 1/50th
ND 0.6

Light was a 750w or 800w Open face lamp, bounced into the wall.
My meter read this @ T5.6

Any questions or stuffs just message me!

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