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this is very long and plz know im very embarrased rn. i am so so sorry in advance.

i wrote “call me” about 2 years ago. most of the music ive made in my life is pretty silly but somehow this is sincere. a few friends i played it for back then really liked it and said i should do something with it, but the song just sat on my laptop collecting dust. im lazy with personal projects but also its just scary to truly put urself out there like that (also im not a huge fan of hearing my singing voice).

anyways.. fast forward to a couple months ago. as some of u know, i had knee surgery and got a sneak preview of quarantine life. left with nothing but time alone in my apartment and a giant leg brace, i did my rehab exercises, read books, and watched a bunch of netflix hbo hulu youtube etc.

eventually i found myself watching a lot of youtube beat making tutorials. making beats was my life in high school and i wrote dumb songs with friends in college but over time i did music less and less because u know... life! watching these vids (shout out @prodbyocean haha) inspired me to start making music again and lead me back to this song.

about a few weeks ago right before everything got surreal, i put some finishing touches on “call me” and my friend leon offered to help with the mix. with the song getting finished, i was finally mustering up the courage to release it and everything but tbh i still had my doubts that i actually would follow thru.

and then of course the entire world stops.

idk whats gonna happen next but i know that we all need to look out for one another rn physically, emotionally, financially, all the things.

if u have the means, plz consider donating to organizations helping those struggling during this crisis. @humanity_forward @1fairwage_official @nokidhungry are just a few that come to mind.

if u cant, do what u can even if its only picking up the phone and reaching out to a friend or family member that needs to just talk for a second.

thats what “call me” is about. simply letting someone know, “hey, i got u no matter what.”

its amazing how were kinda starting to come together already as u see everyone share pics of their vid chats to make up for lost time irl.
ironically, i honestly cant remember a time in my life that ive felt this connected to so many people.

were heading into uncharted waters. all of us. a few friends of mine have already been laid off in addition to just worrying about the health of loved ones and themselves. many of my fellow freelancers dont know when our next gigs will be. things are gonna be rough for awhile. and of course rn were all stuck in our homes not quite sure wtf to do to just pass the time.

i hope hearing this song and watching this vid reminds u that u r not alone and can give u some comfort or maybe even a little inspiration for ur moments of boredom or anxiety while were stuck.

u can listen to “call me” on spotify (link in bio obvs) with another song titled “maybe” that i made awhile ago too which does not contain super emotional themes related to the current state of the world but i think its pretty good too so check that out lol.

idk if ill do a vid for “maybe” or release another song of my own again but hopefully in the future “call me” can be at the very least a reminder of the love we shared during this truly wild time were in rn.

thx to all my friends and fam that allowed me to record our convos for this. and to those i havent spoken to in the past week or even longer than that, know that im thinking of u and of course....
� u can call me � (or text lmao)

once again im sorry that this is sooo long and embarrassing if u read this far �

good vibes from me4u

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