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Used to totally love cigarettes. Especially the smoke fog in bars. When cigs gave my Mom lung cancer all my nostalgia for butts fall apart. But damn, back when cigarettes and cocktails were the hip release, joy and romanticism of the olde days, it seemed glorious and wonderful. Lighting another’s cigarette over a cupped hand and a long look still has me in wistful euphoria. Who knows what dark aspects infuse our yet-to-be-discovered vices of today. Thing is, part of my soft focus was a photo of my Mom n Dad (Dick & Jane Kinscherf) at The Stork Club long before we were born. They looked so happy then. Unfettered by the shit that hit their marriage down the road. New York and Paris back when art, music and relationships were moving in new directions I wished, I’ve always wished, I could have been around for. Or at least a shy fly on a garret wall. Hell transformed the landscape the Greatest Generation had to live and fight through. What might they have made of the falsely painted world on trial today? Ah, selective memory.

Full record here:

Recorded & Mixed @
Moose Lodge Studio
by Jane Mangini
vocals adjusted @
Bitch Kitty Studio
by TJ Wenzl

Mastered @
Zippah Recording Studios
by Brian Charles

Arrangement & all instruments by
Jane Mangini

Song/vox by
Rick Berlin
Lobsterland Publishing

edit: Berlin

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