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Alex Leyva in collaboration with Edgar Campos.

Magdalena is a site-specific sculpture installed at the Desierto de Altar, Sonora, Mexico.
The piece seeks to explore the ‘field of view’ in a vast landscape such as the desert. It’s objective is also to raise awareness of oneself in the space forcing you to feel present inside the vastness of the dunes. (As some kind of holistic experience). The sounds of silence of the desert serve as a meditative soundtrack for the project.

All the materials the sculpture contains are transparent and reflective as I intended not to interfere with the landscape but to be part of it.
Magdalena is a shape shifter by nature, its reflective and transparent qualities rely on the position of the sun as the light is constantly changing in temperature and intensity so does the piece. The rays of light that the coloured centrepiece contains are constantly shifting positions of shadows in the sand as well as a gradual transformation in colours thanks to the qualities on the dichroic centrepiece.
The piece becomes a light sculpture at sunset by highlighting the architectural design of the overall structure based on perspective.

From sunset onwards the sculpture reflects its colours in-wards, instead of reflecting prisms out to the sand, with the help of the lighting surrounding the structure it begins to reflect inside the centrepiece creating coloured light in different angles.

Video by : Tumamaimm

Song : Nicola Cruz

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