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My proposed exhibition, Guess Who I Am? focuses on exploring the aesthetic of Lakai Embroidery by allowing visitors to discover symbolic meanings behind unique motifs and patterns of the embroidery. The exhibition uses a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality to create an interactive space where visitors can learn and play. The augmented reality will be used to scan the symbols of the embroidery and give various answer options for users to answer in a quiz. In response to their engagement with AR, the virtual space will begin to come to life with flora and fauna from the embroidery. This interaction will not only add dynamics and liveliness to the display of Lakai Embroidery but also let visitors have an immersive experience while learning about the embroidery.
In this video communication, the fox plays the role of the visitor and shows how they would interact in the interactive VR space. At the beginning of the video, I intentionally made the animal sounds be heard as the fox walks into the space to create a sense of wonder and magical feeling. Then, I put a notice sign to encourage the fox to use the powerhouse app to scan various parts of the embroidery. When the fox scans the embroidery, I made the AR pop up on the mobile screen, asking them to guess what each of the motifs symbolise. As the fox answers the quiz and brings the symbols of the embroidery to life, they get to immerse themselves in a living world of the embroidery.

Subject disclaimer
This design is part of the student learning experience in 87009 or 87445 VC Design Studio: Visualising Experience Spring 2021 in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Built Environment (DAB) University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and is not a professional design outcome. This project was developed under the guidance of studio leaders and demonstrators. As a response to a notional assessment brief, it is not directly connected to the Powerhouse Museum.

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