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A series of short films inspired by the power of dreams.

At Louis Vuitton, the spirit of Travel goes beyond discovering a physical destination, it also sparks curiosity for what lies whitin. The Maison’s core values come alive in a far-reaching journey to dreamlike settings around the globe. The images are an evocative ode to the inner child, set free in a reverie of otherworldly beauty and infinite possibility. Rich in ancient history, the Greek island of Milos becomes a playground of discovery for a group of local schoolchildren. With their innocent curiosity, their silhouettes emerge from the landscape to convey a limitless sense of optimism and freedom.

Directed by Neels Castillon
Photographer — Viviane Sassen

Creative Agency — Be Good Studios
Creative Director — Lina Kutsovskaya
Creative Director — Nicholas Haymes
Art Buyer — Susanne Turner
Art Director — Rhiannon Hartig

VP Communication — Stefano Cantino
Head of Creative Services — Magena Chansarel
Head of Fashion Office — Alex Paul

Production Company — One Thirty Eight
EP — Simon Malivindi
Producer — Ugo Dumont
Production Manager — Ashleigh Hayward
Production Manager — Clement Daugabel
Music — Hania Rani & Rone
DP — Eric Blanckaert
1st AC — Kévin Rosé
2nd AC — Céline Erb
Sound Operator — Alexandre Le Mouroux

Set Designer— Jean Michel Bertin
Set Assistant — Raphael Berrichon
Set Assistant — Caroline Curdy
Stylist — Nancy Rohde
Stylist Assistant — Oliver Francis
Camera & Lenses — RVZ

Post-Production — Motion Palace
Executive Production — Ariane Cornic
Editor — Sébastien Rouquet
Colorist — Hervebays & Florian Martigny

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