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Libation Music - Reimagine Descriptive Workflow - Video 3

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Asante Salaam is a Black, native New Orleanian, a multimedia, interdisciplinary artist and creative consultant who, through connections with Black and indigenous artists and culture makers, infuses experiences of New Orleans culture and indigenous culture into meaningful, empowering and transformational projects, events and initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.

This video was produced by Asante Salaam in partnership with poet, artist, Nation of Islam Student Minister of Art and Culture, and Democratic Republic of Congo ordained Chief of Unity Peteh M. Haroon. Asante and Peteh co-created this video with two other cultural video pieces for Reimagine Descriptive Workflows, a purposeful, nonprofit, virtual convening for international indigenous community workers, librarians and archivists, as well as some library field specialists who work in major established institutions such as OCLC and Library of Congress. Participants joined in the convening from around the globe including British Columbia; Mexico; New Zealand; Australia; the United Kingdom; and across the United States.

Asante, collaborated on a consultant team with Shift Design, Inc.—, a strategic design agency that worked on an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant for the library organization OCLC—, by designing a virtual, three-day convening June 22-24, 2021. This convening—REIMAGINE DESCRIPTIVE WORKFLOWS—brought together a diverse group of practitioners to begin laying groundwork for lasting, meaningful change in this foundational area of cultural memory, preservation, and discovery.

Thank you to artists and culture makers from New Orleans and around the planet. Your contributions touch our souls, feed our life force, helping us to live and thrive, empowered in peace, freedom, justice and joy.

Peteh M. Haroon
Asante Salaam

Christine "Cfreedom" Brown

Irving “Honey” Banister
Jamal Batiste
Brad Broomfield
Akeel Salah M. Haroon
Peteh M. Haroon
Jasmine “Jazz” Johnson
Awo Otura Mun
Courtney Ross
Keith Rahsaan “Ogun” Smith
Bill Summers

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