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Leaves Falling in the Forest

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This video was created for the purpose of meditation. It is an opportunity to bring nature indoors and incorporate it into your mindfulness meditation practice when you're not able to get outdoors and actually be there.

You always have the option to mute the sound and listen instead to whatever soothing music or sounds resource you best.

Before starting the video, settle in and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Scan through your body for tension, and release what you can on the exhalation. Once you're settled in, begin the video. As you watch it, remember to breathe and to soften your body, especially your belly. Notice with curiosity what's going on in your mind and body, as well as on the screen.

Observe the movement of the leaves. Listen to the sounds of the forest: wind, birds, leaves landing on the sprawling blanket of crisp, fallen leaves. Can you hear the stream flowing in the background? When your mind drifts into thought, just bring it back to the sights and/or sounds. Allow any unexpected or novel sounds to be like a meditation bell bringing you back to presence.

You might experiment with zooming in and out between details and the whole scene. At any time, you can choose to shift attention to another visual impression. Become aware of when you follow something different. Simply notice what your mind is doing.

Let your field of attention be relaxed, open, and receiving: more like a camera receiving images than the photographer composing them. In other words, be a witnessing presence. The practice is simply to receive the images and sounds rather than interpret, evaluate, or otherwise think about them. Notice if any kind of mental commentary or association arises. Become aware of any thought chatter, and gently let it go and return to the bare sensory impressions: visuals and/or sounds.

Notice: Where is your mind? What are you paying attention to?

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