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LATE - Napier Application 2022

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The theme of “work” immediately got me thinking about being late. Whether it’s for work, school or just meeting up with someone, it's something that everyone has experienced. Being late stresses you out and there’s always minor inconveniences that make things worse like not being able to find your keys or the bus running late

I decided to take this idea of being late for work and the inconveniences that make you late and exaggerate this in a comedic tone with things such as our character's car being stolen.

I also wanted to show how stressful and nervous being late can make you and used fast cuts and close ups to show the stress the character is feeling.

I used fast music to emphasise the fast pace of the film and edited it in audacity for when I needed quieter parts of the song.

In reflection, I could have paid more attention to the focus on my camera and my exposure settings as there were a few over-exposed shots such as when the character gets off the bus.

Writing, Directing, Camera and Editing - Coll Fullarton
Man with bad timekeeping (main character) - Oscar Shepherd
Bike Thief - Robbie Chalmers
Boss - Robbie Chalmers

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