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La Gomera y Fuerteventura

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I've been lucky enough to visit these two  islands  and while they are very different places they are also quite similar.

These were holiday trips and I didn't go out there with a specific filming plan - just to capture some nice images. However after looking back through some footage and seeing some of the shots, I was very keen to make something.

Normally most travel videos predominately shot with a drone are just set to music without any narrative or story. Although most of these types of videos look very pretty, I feel that images alone didn't do justice to this place and so I wanted to take this one step further and add a sense of story.

I was initially unsure of how I would make a story out of a series of aerial shots, however I found that by describing the history of these islands as two sisters on a journey it helped connect them all together. Why sisters? Well in Spanish, I was reminded that the word for islands uses the article 'las' which is feminine, and so it made sense to think of them as sisters.

Throughout the video I wrote the script to try and work both views as though we could be both talking literally about the islands as well as the two sisters. And with the canary islands being part of Spain I felt that it would be best for the voiceover to be done in Spanish. Therefore, I found a Castilian voiceover artist called Miguel Angel who I think absolutely nailed the tone of the voiceover with very limited direction.

Although this is not a style of video I normally edit, I'm really happy with how this video has turned out. It's also reinforced to me that you can have the best shots in the world, but if there isn't a sense of story or narrative then people aren't going to appreciate it as much.

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