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JIDENNA | Black Magic Hour

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All art is truly prayer. 

Black Magic Hour is an invocation - a space of intuition and the channeling of ancestral African spirit. Jidenna enters the sublime, a state of surrender, of healing through the abandonment of self and recognition of roots, shedding all that no longer serves his path.  

As humans our home is Mother Africa and specifically as African Americans, our roots derive from the ancient and noble civilizations of Yoruba, Kongo, Ejagham, Mande, and Cross River peoples of West Africa - current day regions of Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, and more.

Ancestors speak both to and through us. This film pays homage to that experience. 

Blessings to Jidenna, our Wondaland fam, and all our talented collaborators.


I wrote 'Black Magic Hour' because I had inspiration in regards to my own heritage, my own lineage, and my own legacy. Each year that you grow, you think more and more about legacy; that's why the verse starts with, ' I'm from a long line of Chiefs, I was made in their image.' But I think that line alone is important because I'm recognizing them as deities in my own life. I think that we, as people of African descent/black people, need to recognize and celebrate our own deities. I think in these times the song becomes important because what I'm really speaking to is centralizing our power in a way that we channel our economic worth and we channel our spiritual worth into our lifestyle; I don't believe that we can have the economic progress that we need to empower communities without the spiritual progression. And If we do not focus there, we will never see our worth in our bodies if we don't see our worth in our spirit.


Directors / @wes_walker_ @sampressman⁣⁣
Cinematographer / @wes_walker_⁣⁣
Producers / @sampressman @wes_walker_ ⁣⁣
Assistant Director / @stylekouncil⁣⁣
Production Designer / @setbyskye⁣⁣
Art Director / @maxvonloeb⁣⁣
Creative Director & Stylist / @whippawiley⁣⁣
Drip / @atafo.official
Actor / @twopointoh ⁣⁣
Colorist / @josephbicknell @company_3⁣⁣
VFX / @cameofx⁣⁣
Editor / @spherecubed⁣⁣
Editorial / Motion Blur⁣⁣
Assistant Camera / @nenzenlovencarl⁣⁣
Gaffer / @adamschaffer.5⁣⁣
Key Grip / @matt_planer_dp⁣⁣
Swing / @oliviaroseriportella⁣⁣
Stunt Coordinator / Jason Sanfilippo⁣⁣
MUA / @glamxkam⁣⁣
Playback / @addope @nanakwabena⁣⁣
Photographers / @tylradams . @patrickstruys⁣⁣
PA / @nosmoke.nomirrors . @movin4ward2 . @zuzuchiama⁣⁣
Equipment / Special thanks @elementcamera . @lensworksrentals ⁣⁣
Produced By / @steverhythm @wondaland @fearandfancy @bullishrecordings @empire @pressmanfilm

Music Alchemized By / @iamvxllxy @steverhythm @nanakwabena

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