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iTunez, 2013 - Trailer

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Playlist with collected MP3 Music Files and Video

The title "iTunez"  refers to the music organizer iTunes. The idea was to create playlists with music files collected from refugees. The replacement of "s" with "z" signifies the hacking and sharing of copyrighted materials freely across space. The personal "i-subject" is replaced with the communal "immigrant-subject." The project focuses on the domain of extra-legality, where bodies (refugees) are subjected to both physical and symbolic violence. In that aspect, music traveling in this extra-territorial space offers a cure, a moment of relaxation.

In June 2013, as part of the Radio Materiality project in Bari, Italy, I visited refugee camps and a city park where refugees and immigrants usually hang out in their free time and socialize. With the help of the curatorial team, I interviewed some refugees and asked them to share their music libraries with me. A phone is one of the few items they can bring from their countries. They shared their favorite albums using Bluetooth.

A playlist was played alongside video documentation during the 2013 Athens Biennial as part of the Radio Materiality project, curated by Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro.

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