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infinite ecologies (subtitled)

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infinite ecologies

director - flannery miller
writer - zoe palmer
executive Producer - dream(ing) field lab
director of Photography - flannery miller
editor - flannery miller
vocals - kookie blu + zoe palmer

music “- killing fields" by nicolas jaar
sound artistry under credits - “dream(ing) field soundscape" by nina perry

kookie blu
participants (as themselves)
cleo thomas
cleopatra bailey
dessie lovelace-hanson
erin brewster
jennifer farmer
selina nwulu
sandra stanbury
tara jane seton
tracey sage
zoe palmer

shot on location at chesterblade hills
interior design by jo berryman studio

"orb" provided by erin brewster
"frequency" provided by enes kesk
"mystic Tree" provided by viktar malyshchyts

conjuring a present future where the ancestral wisdom of the African diaspora + the Black ecowomanism’s intersectional understanding of environmental + social justice are set to the beat of raging joy, infinite ecologies was filmed during the dream(ing) field lab’s june 2021 retreat in rural somerset, where an intergenerational gathering of Black women + femmes danced freely under the stars, honoured ancestral ecologies + co-created a sanctuary in which to offer and receive nourishment from each other + the earth. the work debuted at toynbee studios on 12 september as part of the immersive installation, 'another garden (will be our city)' for the what shall we build here festival.

co-creators of the dream(ing) field lab zoë palmer + jennifer farmer, along with sound artist Nina Perry, Afro-Futurist performance artist Kookie Blu + documentary film-maker Flannery Miller, explore how acts of resting, collective-care + radical imagination are intimately bound up with how Black women + femmes relate to our communities + planet in the grip of a climate crisis.

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