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Film-making is an essential part of my life. During my day, I often see situations from a cinematic perspective, people as characters in my film of life. Often I find myself lying awake at night rethinking events of the day, creating a narrative and editing in my mind. This is why I want to study filmmaking at university. I want to learn how to refine, distill and transform my ideas into stories that speak to others and change the way that they think about themselves, others and the world around them.

The craft of filmmaking involves team-work. I attend a small semi-rural school. When it came to making films I always found that I wanted to make something different from other pupils. This meant that most the time I worked alone (except for times with actors and friends often persuaded to hold a boom and reflector). The opportunity to work in teams of people as excited as me about creating films is what motivates me through my studies to access a course with expert teachers.

I have also undertaken work experience at Three Motion Media film production company based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Here I learnt editing techniques from employees, filmed an instructional video, set up lighting and camera equipment such as sliders and video tripods as well as noting number shots filmed paired to short descriptions to help the editors. I also assisted in an audio studio with voice-overs for a video for Northumberland Council. The director and clients would often ask for my opinion on script phrasing as the video was aimed at young adults close to my age. I thoroughly enjoyed my time helping to create a variety of films.

Having taken Film Studies at A Level, I found that it focused more on film analysis, impact and context than on film production. The course opened my eyes to French and European cinema, which until this course, I had little access to. I produced a film for both AS level and A level. Luckily I had ideas for what I wanted to do for both, and had pre-written basic scripts and ideas established early. Both films achieved strong marks, but I know when I revisit them how I can improve them. I would love to shoot them again with new perspectives, approaches and less naivety

I find the study of Photography at A Level enhances my work in Film. Because it is lens based art, I can use motion picture for my coursework, where I am focusing on ‘adolescence through a cinematic lens’. I am creating short films about typical scenarios such as a first kiss or a fight. Obviously photography and filmmaking have many similarities, but looking simply at a still image lets you focus on shot composition, and techniques to affect emotion in others. I now appreciate photography as an art, and am happy that this option choice is strengthening my cinematography.

I enjoy A level Religion & Philosophy, because it adds variation to my studies as well as forces you to consider deeper questions. This provides inspiration and ideas for films - many biblical stories can be translated into modern day contexts. Philosophical ideas can drive characters motives and actions, - good films force us to reconsider pre-conceptions and stereotypes. Continually developing my ability to critically evaluate ideas is vital for degree level study.

In terms of paid work, I work weekends and holidays at the Alnwick Castle Cafe, a local tourist hotspot. This has provided experience on teamwork in high stress environments, as well as providing quality service to customers, both skills essential in the film industry. These deadline-centred and service-centred skillsets can both be easily transferred to the film industry.

I enjoy listening to and playing music. I play bass guitar in a band with school mates, where I find that creative discussions and collaboration are exciting, as we offer each other advice on our respective contributions, again with echoes to filmmaking, in crafting the final piece.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss film making further and turn my passion into a career. My portfolio would give a clear understanding of my development to date and is freely available for review.

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