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Speaking purely from my personal experience, I can say this DAC will not disappoint most people. The sound is warm and pleasing. I've heard it gets better with GTO filter, but at the moment I haven't updated the firmware yet.

The magic of these DAC lies in the TRUEBASS function. This is not your typical bass boost that you find in other devices. This actually boosts the bass significantly in a very graceful way. Most of the times I have the TRUEBASS on unless a particular song is already bass heavy.

The light changing colors based on the source is also a neat touch. Its plug and play with MAC. Haven't tried it with windows yet.

The volume knob is so sweet that even though it would be more convenient to operate volume levels using buttons on the keyboard, I always use the knob just to feel it. Build quality of this device is very good.

My only issue with it our that when you plug a headphones on the front and speakers from the rear outputs, both of them play simultaneously. There is no way to switch off either of them. You will just have to mute the speakers or disconnect one of the devices. But it 's not a deal breaker.

Overall, highly recommended to anyone who enjoys sound.


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