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This is a positive response to 'Be A Lady'. Our self talk matters. To champion women, start with being kind to yourself. (I’m still working on it.) Please look for inspiration to the real women in your life. Your mother. Neighbour. Friend. Stranger. See them. Admire them. Celebrate them.

Extra special thanks to all the women who sent us their photos and videos.

Directed by Emily Lucienne
Exec Producer Emily Rudge at Radical Media
Producers Ester Viana, Suzan Mustafa
Production Assistant Lallie Doyle, David Elliott
Director of Photgraphy Annika Summerson
Focus Puller Maiya Rose
Vegan Makeup Charlotte Kraftman
Sound Recordist Christine Bullock
Edit Ona Bartroli, Flaura Atkinson at Stitch
Grade Holly Greig at Freefolk
Music Composition Hannah V
Sound Mix Sophie-Alice Davies at Vaudeville
Thank you Jennifer Gelin, Becky Mansell, Gemma Gurvitz, Poppy Davies, Fab Castle, Antoinette De Lisser, Daniel at TripleFiveSeven, Liz Walters and Isabel Losada.

Special thanks to Camille Rainville, Cynthia Nixon, Claire Rothstein and Paul McLean.

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