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I put all my heart / thought on this one. I try to catch and trap them. The firsts that came to my mind on the moment. The words that I love, those who bring me pain and joy. I also tried to match the color with the words. I did not play much with form, I took a little more time with those who interested me the most. The shape of the heart was just the representation of what is part of me.

We have a lot of thought during the day. These feelings clash with each other, some you want to hide, some crush others, some who shout inside you, others you want to listen to, others you want to restrain. When you do art, you have to throw everything away. I think with time, you have to break that false wall, let the light go through you, illuminate the darkness to allow you to shine. Expose and look in the mirror so you can continue in the direction you want to take.

Your friends are the ones who listen to you the most, but it's hard to listen to yourself. I think you can learn. Draw with words, with movies, with a TV show, with a song, with objects. How do you see yourself? How would you describe it, if you were an object? a key? An Axe? A baseball gloves? A chain?

Some thoughts came back again and again; some emotions disappear or hide behind others and you are the only one who can change things. Decide what you put in your ear, in your stomach, in front of you.

Some words are vague like some memory. They disappear and are replaced by new ones. Sometimes they can come back, triggered by new emotions.

I love them all, good and bad memories. Forging that cohesion that makes me what I am.
I choose simplicity with form and let the word speak, but the word cannot speak without the association of color. They both need each other, otherwise you will not get the full story.

What are you made of?

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