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This piece started with a very low, deep steamroller sound I recorded from a rooftop. When pitched up, the timbre sounded like an exotic instrument. I used that to create a melody to a simple chord progression, synthesized to be reminiscent of ocean waves. From there, I added a sampled-and-chopped beat with heavy filtration so it almost sounds like splashing, a "lead" synthesizer part, and a secondary beat with a drum machine.

Using the music as a foundation, I made the video with found objects. I juxtapose jittery stop-motion with extremely smooth slow-motion and time-lapse videography, resulting in dreamlike composite images that are thematically and compositionally focused and coherent. The use of black and white, symmetry, and repetition also helps create the illusion of all the content belonging to the same cinematic space. I am interested in suggesting relationships between objects that are symbolically-charged, yet open to interpretation, and arranging them over time that feels "storylike" in that it has narrative elements like setup and climax, but without an effable plot.

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