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Dreamy, grainy and gradient-infused graphics are all around, aren't they? Well, they're in here too, helping us tell the story of Ashish, an entrepreneur who founded iSchoolConnect to bridge the gap between students trying to enroll in colleges and universities and the institutions. Thanks to Google Cloud technology - our client - he is being super successful so far, and we think we were somewhat successful ourselves in creating a compelling and beautiful narrative, from the dreamy artwork, through the cel animated characters, all the way to the epic synth soundtrack. Hope you enjoy!


Brands: Google Cloud and iSchoolConnect
Clients: Fernando Cruz and Amy Schembari
Executive Production: Marcelo Moreno, Daniel Kano and Jannerson Xavier
Direction: Jannerson Xavier and Daniel Kano
Producer: Marcelo Moreno
Storyboard/Animatic: Jeff Biglia
Art Direction: Jeff Biglia
Concept Art and Character Design: Jeff Biglia
Illustration / Arts: Jeff Biglia, Jon Suguiyama, Mateus Carvalho
Animation Director: Jannerson Xavier
Animation Coordinator: Gabriela Zaneti
Motion Designer: Gabriela Zaneti, Samantha Oda, Vinicius Ricardo
Cel Animation: Bruno Tedesco, Chan Tong, Gian Burani, Árthemis Iannuzzi, Daniel Caetano, Danila Ribeiro, Dazy Teodoro, Janaína Zanusso, Louise Bonne
Post Production: Daniel Kano and Gabriela Zaneti
Comp: Daniel Kano and Gabriela Zaneti
Voice Over: Ashish Fernando
Audio (original music, sfx and mix): Box Of Toys Audio

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