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GEHHF 2020 - Website.mp4

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Brief ↓

Genova Hip Hop Festival is the annual festival dedicated to art, music, and hip hop culture in the city of Genoa. The main theme of the 2020 edition (4 days dedicated to concerts, street art, breakdance, workshops, and cultural debates) is the relationship between tradition and innovation: two seemingly opposing concepts that give rise to new forms of art and scenarios if they are mixed. The often precarious balance between history and the future is one of the most common concepts in hip hop culture. Harmony between different genres and languages, aggregation, and multiculturalism are the values that the festival wants to promote.

Concept ↓

Bringing together different languages, creating a dialogue between what was and what will be. Geometrical shapes of various natures interact, play, and mix with iconic photographs, creating a dynamic balance that results in ever-changing compositions. The current reality is the result of past experiences: the concept of the superimposition of levels within the various compositions follows this principle, seeking a strong hip hop character. The principle of dialogue between different and apparently distant realities also stands out in the typography, showing how seemingly incompatible fonts give rise to new and unprecedented compositions.


On Behance/my website you will find the complete project.
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