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Ben wants to settle into another night-in, but an unwanted visitor has other plans for him.

Super Short Film Project 2020 Film 2/12.
Written, produced, shot, edited, and soundtracked from February 1-29 2020.

Written and directed by Ben Conley
Based on an idea by Devin McLellan-Kavanagh and Tyler Burke
Produced by Tyler Burke, Ben Conley, and Devin McLellan-Kavanagh
Starring: Ben Conley and Sylvia Brach
Partygoers: Jacqueline Joy Fleischer, Lucas Gardner, Natalie Garwol, and Devin McLellan-Kavanagh
Director of Photography: Tyler Burke
Edited by Tyler Burke
Audio editing and original music by Devin McLellan-Kavanagh

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