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Fujara INNOVATION No. 2 - On The Way

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"On The Way"
by Marco Trochelmann
(Contemporary Fujara Music)
Fujara (G) by Pavol Smutný from Dúbravy

The fujara is known to be an overtone flute, a "natural tone instrument". We know that listening to overtones can be very gratifying. In traditional fujara playing we perceive the overtones mainly played successively as melodies, but one can also enjoy overtones simultaneously as components of a sound. You listen into a sound and the deeper you listen, the more you perceive - pulsation, tone movements, polyphony, although not much seems to change on the surface. Didgeridoo playing and overtone singing now enjoy worldwide fame.

After returning from Slovakia, I was thrilled by the sound of my new fujara, which the master Pavol Smutny had built, and fascinated by the special sound that was created when I sang into the fujara while playing flute notes at the same time.
The interaction of voice and flute tones created mixed sounds with interferences up to harmonic multiphonics, which impressed and touched me deeply. Finally, it gave me great pleasure to process these sound possibilities in musical forms as sound surfaces, polyphonic melodies or as rhythmic building blocks, as can be heard in some of the Fujara INNOVATIONS.

I hope you enjoy listening!

Unfortunately, the album is no longer available for purchase, but I will "give away" a few tracks here on Vimeo!
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We can get to know the strange and then it becomes more familiar - sometimes we learn to appreciate or even l o v e it...

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