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FrozenClouds - Distress Shapes My Flesh (Official Music Vi

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Frozen Clouds – Distress Shapes my Flesh (Official Music Video)

I knew FrozenClouds for sometime and was always fascinated by their extreme energy on stage and the power of how they sound. So I was looking for a way to express that feeling a bit into the screen. We started talking and I came up with some ideas. (They all must had to be cheap ofcourse!) Some ideas were narrative, some were basically plain weird ideas…But this concept was haunting my mind for sometime and I tried to implement it to this video.

What we intented to create was kind of an experimental execution for a live performance. I invited 16 talented friends into the studio with their smartphones as cameras. This crowd consisted of Directors, Dps, Asst. Dir and some other close friends too. So we designed a small pattern of movements and framings. My idea was to experience the performance in many differrent angles at the same time. Next step will be an interactive version that you can actually be able to choose between cameras and design your own performance video experience while watching.

We shot 16 takes, 2 of them vertically shot. In the end I had the trouble of watching the footage cause it was so hard to understand what happened at each camera at the sametime. So I used a ultra old school method and made a video contact sheet. And suddenly got this mind boggling weird synced angles of the performance video. In the end we just went with 3 differrent takes edited together for the viewer. Didn’t want to spoil the experience so that’s it. Hope you enjoy it.

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Great thanks to the crew… and Autonomy

Ersin Gök
Alp Ürgüplü
Gürcan Güresci
Ozan Koseibis
Aslı Çelikel
Silvio Behmoaras
Barış Alp
Ali Ata Akel
Danyal Tem
Baran Türk
Alev Hacıhasanoğlu
Muratcan Hasbet
Caner Keskin
David Onat

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