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I was truly hesitant to post this...nobody's ever seen me do it before...

But when my Divine and star families want me to share, it basically engulfs my existence in uncomfortable ways until I surrender

It's almost as if the previous version of me becomes uncomfortable to live in, so that the "new" version is much more appealing for me to shift in to lol

Those who've experienced private group or 1:1 sessions with me will know, I often switch my camera off during activations & quantum surgery etc.

My reason has always been so if you were to open your eyes during the session, what I'm doing on my end might distract you

The only way I can describe what I "see" when I tune in to energy, frequencies and the Quantum, is a galactic atmosphere of lights, lines, colours, symbols and images, all in continuous motion

In absolutely basic terms, I get in there and play around...I grab, shift, move, push, release, merge, transform, shrink and expand

Until now, I haven't had a name for this, it's just been part of the magic, but Maylacahr described it as "frequency weaving"

If you didn't know, Maylacahr is an Arcturian Emissary of Light who has been guiding me recently

It's always been a "tamer" version of what I'm showing you today, but it's activated to a higher level, especially when I allow music to flow through me

This is the guidance Maylacahr offered to me...

"[What you do] is called frequency weaving. When you do this, you're also transmitting codes which humans can receive through their sense of sight. Surrender and hold space for those who feel more aligned to this method of transmission

You've also heavily relied on human words as guidance through the journey, which there will be a place for, but it's as if you have one foot in and one foot out, hiding in the familiar - surrender child, recall music & movement inspires you, weave to the music, speak less human words and more of the language of light. Place both your feet in and allow your soul tribe to receive through other senses, such as physical vision"

So here's a visual snippet of my frequency weaving for you soul fam

As you'll probably see in some of my facial expressions, this gets really fun for me because it's like getting a glimpse into the greatest possibilities and potential in existence �

I'd love to know what/if you feel you receive when seeing this and if you'd like to experience more ��

Play, evolve, transcend �
Infinite love,
Christine x

PS. I'll be frequency weaving on camera tomorrow during the FULL MOON DEACTIVATION event! Reserve your free seat here:


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