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Floating Forest

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The Floating Forest is a sculpture collected by MAAS. It was made in 1981 by textile artist
Douglas Fuchs, who used wood and fiber collected in Australia. This sculpture has a shape
of triangular structure, which represents the purity and tranquility of the forest. 

In this interactive project, I used the way of looking for materials. So that the audience could have an experience of the tranquility and mystery of forest in an immersive way. This project is aimed at children and teenagers. They will find all ten materials through a maze, which could be wood, twigs, fibers, leaves, etc. In case you get lost, the website also has a map, and audiences need to turn on the GPS in their phone to see where they are. Once collected, audiences can use these materials to make their own artwork and share it to social media accounts, or just save it as a photo on their phone. These operations will be done through the website, they only need to scan some QR codes to complete the collection. 

As interesting as collecting items, the audience's experience is also importent. Al the wall of maze is made up of smart screens or projections, which will play dynamic effects that have been created. Many of the locations will play different sounds on a loop, like bugs,
rustling leaves, or just music. To make it more like a night in the forest, the light in the maze will be really low, and it also helps to make the screen clearer.  

This design is part of the student learning experience in 87009 or 87445 VC Design Studio: Visualising Experience Spring 2021 in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Built Environment (DAB) University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and is not a professional design outcome. This project was developed under the guidance of studio leaders and demonstrators. As a response to a notional assessment brief, it is not directly connected to the Powerhouse Museum.

Fuchs, D. (1981). Floating Forest [Sculpture]. The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Background music:
LIMIZI. (2021). SETTINGSUN [Song]. On SETTINGSUN. NetEase CloudMusic.

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