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圜源 Emerging and Returning

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**English Below
2013 [圜源]
覓空間 | 洪建全文教基金會

生命四元素是由地、水、火、風所構成的,這四元素是人類經驗到的一切事物的構成元素,甚至是意識體的動力能量來源。而這四元素中,莫過於水火、 陰陽二元素的對立性,消長之間形成了火化生成風(陽)、水化生為地(陰)的一個循環不己的世界觀。此作 『圜源』,其音也等於還原, 象徵著返回原有的生態、本性, 回到我們原始心靈精神的自然景觀。那麼不僅有機的人體,即便無機的紙張耗料也可以自然地流過它, 像瀑布一樣的攜帶著水滴的智慧; 這個人造的城市瀑布下,我們將用誠實的身體和它互動,感覺並連接地球上的一切無形的心跳脈輪, 跳動出新現代自然的生命圜源之樂舞。

2013 [Emerging & Returning]
Dancers: Delphine Mei, Tony Huang
Live Music: Olifa Hsieh Paper Installtion: Chris Lee
MEME Art Space,
HFEC Education and Culture Foundation, Taipei Taiwan

*Our basic concept is from Nature, and the New Modern Nature from those who lives in the metropolis. To the city people, what is an organic way of life? These are seemingly inorganic paper, but they are filled with organic life traces by humans or whoever encounters and uses/interacts with them. In the so-called the aftermath of Mayan 2012 "the End of the world", we still face the shortages of water resources and many other kinds of problems. What exactly are their sources to our answers?

The Four Elements is formed by Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. These Four Elements are not only the basis for Astrology or every philosophy、 metaphysics, but also the fundamental elements for everything human beings experiences, even to the motivating energy resources for our awareness of the body. In the ancient times, many early documents around the world have mentioned this concept. These Four Elements starts with Water and Fire, like the polarity of Yin and Yang. Between the growth and decline process, fire progressed into Wind (Yang), and water metamorphosis into earth (Yin). Repeating their cycles to form the principles that made up this world.

This piece “Emerging & Returning”, in Chinese, it sounds like “Returning to its sources”, symbolizes to go back to the original ecology, ways of being, and our primordial inner spirit and inner natural landscape. In doing so, not only will we have organic human existence, but even the inorganic things like paper or trash can also naturally flow through it, like the waterfall that carries the wisdom of the water drops.
And then our city, such as Taipei, will not be like the paper installation artist Chris Lee here described, ”a place where every day 24 hours drown in endless information, a city which overall sensory experiences can loose its balance".

Under this artificial city waterfall, we will use our honest body to interact with it, feeling it while connecting with the invisible heartbeats of everything on earth, and dance the dance of emerging and returning, life for the New Modern Nature.

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