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Play, download and edit the free video Elegy-Kaleidoscope1080p.m4v.

"Elegy-Kaleidoscope 1080p Version" excerpt by NEGENTROPY - Visual Music

A quick variation based on Elburz Sorkhabi's tutorial today on 5 minute Kaliedoscope technique using my fourth 'Visual Music' touch designer piece with @jeff.collinson.7, of his wistful music composition "Elegy". See . Visuals inspired by fall colour, rain, sky reflections and ripples in ponds.My goal for this piece was to mingle semi-realistic synthetic autumn images with control from Jeff's reflective and
beautiful music. Autumn is kind of a sad time of year as we kiss summer goodbye and shiver in the wet rain waiting for winter, but is also exquisitely gorgeous as the trees lose their thousands of leaves to the wind and rainfall.

Technical Description

I used my old 3Dconnexion Space Navigator (6DOF 3D mouse) in real time to control the leaf animation of particles and ripples.However, most control was done in my Touch Designer program by real time audio-reactive analysis of the music.
I wanted to achieve maximum Visual complexity at full Instagram 1080 x 1350 pixel resolution in a vertical format @30 fps. Please see my smugmug link in bio or my Vimeo feed for the full piece. This whole piece including titles and fades was made entirely in Touch Designer, except for Jeff's original music.


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