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Lifting the taboo on talking about suicide:

"Let me begin by speaking freely. I want to die. This thought lived in my head for six years. I owe the fact that I’m still alive to my father. Talking about suicide has saved my life.

As it turns out, there’s not much information available on what suicide is, which perpetuates society’s judgemental outlook on it.

Not many people know how to talk about suicidality and as a result its taboo status is maintained, even though talking is such an essential part of suicide prevention.

The music and music video for 'Drowning In Gold' contribute to meeting society’s need: normalize talking about suicide." says sierou.

Starring: Lucien Denny

Written, Directed & Produced by: sierou
Director Of Photography: Alex Schuchmann
Camera Assistant: Zoé Paula
Production Assistant: Kathy van Eijkelenburg
Location Manager: Martijn Witjes

Music: sierou
Choreography: Lufu
Colorist: Christian Richter
Sound Design: Suzanne Boekestijn
Mastering: Chaim Eysten
Co-production: HOMETOWN

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