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Dj Vu (2021)

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The University of Auckland Fine Arts FINEARTS 224 individual short film project. Completed in semester one 2021.

Synopsis: Déjà Vu, a two-minute short experimental science fiction film, offers a young man’s spiritual journey, called Jolly. Jolly is destined to be trapped in staircases. One day in a park, Jolly takes an exercise. But as Jolly walks up the staircase, he suddenly finds himself travelling to different staircases; in other words, different environments.

In Déjà Vu, staircases are the gateway to different locations that aren’t bound by physical barriers — such as public transport, turnstiles and door handles — but by walking up or down a staircase. Unlike public transport which takes minutes, or sometimes, hours to reach the next destination, staircases teleport an individual to the next, but a random destination.

Regardless of how many times Jolly attempts to escape the staircase loop cycle — such as walking up, walking down, ninja run, jumping, sitting and even stomping with his two feet — he fails. Shortly thereafter, the basketball emerges before Jolly’s eyes. As the basketball bounces down to different staircases, Jolly chases for it. This becomes a reason for Jolly to continue to accomplish his mission impossible.

Later in the film, the ball gradually stops bouncing. After touching the ball, Jolly unknowingly finds himself teleporting back to the park. Jolly walks up the staircase again, then bypasses it. In a nutshell, everything Jolly had experienced is full of dreams.

Déjà Vu intends to encapsulate one’s dreaming process and the enigma behind it, which is combined with the repetitive nature of the staircase loop.

Credit List:
Eric Jang — Director, Producer, Script Writer, Storyboard Artist, Cameraman, Audio recorder
James Xu — Jolly (Actor)
Oceane Jones — Music Composer
Andrew Govinden — Supporting behind the scenes, behind the scenes photographer
William QianYang — Supporting behind the scenes, behind the scenes photographer

Special Thanks:
Jeremy Leatinu'u — Course Coordinator of FINEARTS 224
Tracey Guo — Elam Technician
The University of Auckland's OGGB and AUT — for granting me permission to film at their properties.

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